What Are We Going To Do About All This Sugar We're Eating?

When will we stop? And what can we substitute for it?
Publish date:
November 13, 2013

I'm just assuming that we are all in sync about this and that we all ate a ton of sugary candy around Halloween (and that we snuck into our kid's stashes even after they'd catalogued how many of each type of candy they'd acquired, but only took the crummy kinds so they wouldn't be as mad when they noticed -- and that we did all of this at 1:30 am or so every single night).

Then let's assume that our birthdays fell shortly after Halloween and that our beautiful co-workers threw us a little breakfast surprise thing (thank you!!!) with macaroons and cupcakes yesterday morning and that we obnoxiously ignored the utensils as we broke just the tops off the cupcakes to ingest the icinged parts and get the maximum sugar content into our bloodstreams as quickly as possible and that IT WAS GOOD).

Also, remember how we broke a crown on a back molar last week because we chomped down on a big red hot fireball thing (again, quick ingestion feeling KEY)? And were so happy when our brother served vegan cakes at his wedding because don't those have even more sugar???

A couple of months ago, after not eating much sugar for a while, I started adding Stevia to tea and coffee, partly because I believed ads where they made it sound so healthy that surely I'd be better off eating it than not. That led to regular daily sweet/sugar cravings and now I am at the point where nothing hardly tastes sweet enough besides pure rock candy (flour and cocoa and things just getting in the damn way) or like a Mountain Dew and where I am trying to distract people so they won't see as I quickly rip the tops off of three or sometimes FOUR packets of sugar/splenda/stevia/even the evil Equal at once and dump them into my morning drinks.

So there's all that. And I know that Zoe and Emily have both written about this way more eloquently elsewhere here (so far back in xoJane history that even a bit of Emily brilliance got about 16 comments -- so reread it and comment now if you want to). But any thoughts for me about how to either quit eating so much sugar or to feel ok about continuing to eat it? I would love them and will implement them right now.

Thank you