Welcome, New Girl!

Publish date:
September 17, 2013

I've been thinking about you all day.

Meaning I've been running around doing my job but thinking about youand how I want to write you to tell you everything about what it is Iam doing. And knowing I am getting that glazed-over look in my eyesthat I also see in other people's when they are talking to me whileabout to document and post whatever it is we are talking about. Youknow that look?

(Semi-related: I used to scream at an old boyfriend whenever he wouldseem to space out while I talked to him and once didn't talk to himfor an entire night after that to make a point. Lordy. Sorry, guy.)

So I've been seeming to space out off and on in all of my meetingstoday. But back to the person in the meetings I can't even tell youabout yet: our new xoJaner who just started! It's someone I workedwith many years ago and who I'm having so much fun working with again-- and incorporating into this crazy group we already have here at xoHQ. So far everyone is getting along brilliantly, but then it's dayone.

I can't tell you who it is because we gave someone else the exclusiveon that. But you can guess. And here's her notebook if that's helpfuland little sign Madeline made.

I will tell you more tomorrow. How are you doing? Are you actingspacey too? And if so, what's your excuse?