I love you guys! (Will that statement make in-person lovers mad?)

Publish date:
January 13, 2012

Hmmmmm. All in-person lovers, feel free to weigh in here! Aw, who cares -- it's true.

Hey Traci, whose gorgeous accent brought me right h0me today on the edit meeting conference call (and by the way, non-southern staffers, I said I was starting to extend my VOWELS, not my BOWELS, you gutter-minded hirees). Thanks for being such an awesome xoJaner and for your great feedback on the call. And for being one of very few folks ON TIME to my staff meeting (ahem). It was a funny meeting today because so many of us were in a funk. However: Love you and all of your input always.

Next week, another reader can have the pleasure of joining our staff meeting as we hastily remember we even have a meeting and to get you the number in time. I LOVE negative feedback too, btw. xo

PS Can't wait to get my Southern grits!