We are waiting for your call...

Publish date:
July 18, 2012

Oh, I am so on top of things today that I am giving you a whopping three hours notice to call in to our 2 pm ET weekly staff meeting! You will be joined by the lovely Julie and Corynne, shown here, as well as all the other staff weirdos you have come to know and love/hate/dismiss.

I am going to make a Big Announcement in the meeting and I can't remember what else we are going to cover -- which probably means lots of talk about our personal lives and your personal lives and how to turn that into material for the site.

So here's all you have to do: tell me your bra size (no no, forget that -- that sounds creepy and exploitative and, god knows, far be it FROM me to exploit anyone ever). Here goes: guess what I'm drinking right now and tell me what you are currently ingesting and the very-grounded Tyler will give one of you the call-in number. You can weigh in with your ideas and suggestions or just listen voyeuristically (while you are supposed to be working or being interested in your kids or whatever). Up to you. See you later. Have fun in the meantime!