We all remember

Publish date:
September 11, 2011

Where we were that day. I was here where I am right now. I ran down here and then home to invite survivors in for water and telephone access, before that gave out. I then walked up a crowded 7th Avenue to St. Vincent's to give blood but they had no need for it. I went to a local Red Cross to put my name on a list of volunteers but never got called for that either. Then policemen like these were so nice and let me past barricades like these just a few blocks north to help my friend get her dog out of her apartment. My friends Michael and Julie were driving upstate and wanted me to join them, but I wanted to stay (this urge to be where something disastrous is happening, thinking I can help somehow even when I can't, is not my mom's favorite trait in me). It is certainly not my story but at the same time, it is all of our stories. Where were you then and how are you feeling today? Peace and love and truth.