Which do you want right now?

Publish date:
June 5, 2012

I love Miss Madeline, who, like me, loves to eat. Back in our start-up days (because now we are such old-timers in this biz, having been around Over A Year and all), when we were working round the clock and not really keeping track of meal-times (or, as Emily says, forgetting to eat altogether), I would get these very specific food cravings, sometimes for things that weren't even food but that I wanted translated into food, and because I think Emily was doing weight-watchers at that time, it would be up to me and Madeline to figure out what we were eating for whatever non-meal-time it was. So I would say something to Madeline along the lines of, "I'm thinking of something the color of snow but with a sandy pile next to it and the aroma of sunflowers. Would you like to join me in that and do you know where we can find it?"

Today, as you see, she is also ready to get some lunch but is intelligently making my choices more limited. What are you craving today?

PS I think you know this, but in case you don't, if you crave chocolate, it usually means you are low on magnesium. If you don't want to crave chocolate (and why wouldn't you?), taking magnesium supplements usually gets rid of them. Same with red meat cravings and iron supplements. The end.