Want Love?

Then join us today and we will give it to you!
Publish date:
August 28, 2013

I just spent six days with someone who loves me no matter what. Whichhas left me amazingly relaxed, as you may or may not he able to tellfrom this selfie. I was thinking about you and wondering who you getthat completely unconditional thing from. I've always gotten mine fromfriends and a couple of friends in particular.

Anyway, I'm full of it today, having stayed at my nonjudgmentalfriend's house this past week. And I would love to share it with youat our xoJane/xoVain staff meeting coming up at 2 pm. It is going tobe a quick 15-minute-or-so meeting and Corynne has no agenda for it,which means we won't really be working, just gossiping and giving outFREE LOVE.

So if you want to call in to the meeting, tell me here who you getthat kind of no-matter-what acceptance from. A pet? Mom? Spouse? (Iimagine keeping this feeling going might be part of the appeal ofgetting married, but I'm not sure.)

And if you don't want to join us today, that's all good too and tellme what you're doing instead. Love you