Want to listen to us being off?

Publish date:
March 1, 2012

If not, that's fine too. It is Thursday, so that means "Say Inappropriate Things Under The Guise of Work Brainstorming" day*, otherwise known as our weekly xojane staff meeting time, otherwise known as: do you want to join? Tell me why you will not be offended by hearing the personal stuff we delve into while coming up with ideas for this site and we will give you the call-in number. Simple as that. If you're at work and want to pretend you are still working, you can just listen in and not talk.

*Boy, do I provide a lot of ammo for hostile work environment claims in these revelations, don't I? To preempt, for anyone considering getting rich off of it: I AM KIDDING! And by the way, DON'T SNORT BATH SALTS WHILE YOU'RE AT IT. And sorry HR dept.

Talk to y'all soon, I hope.