Well, That's a Very Specific Fetish!

I feel flattered to be in such genre-specific company.
Publish date:
September 12, 2016
Instagram, Jane, fetish

In the part of New York where I work and live, the pristine weather on these very specific dates around September 11th is bittersweet because it reminds you of the perfectly incredible weather 15 years ago yesterday. However, on a lighter-leading-to-kinkier note, these are also the last sleeveless days we're going to have for a while — until global warming revs up even further (heavy again, my bad).

So since I have fairly recently gotten over my nearly lifelong upper-arm insecurities, or am doing my best to overcome them at least, I am parading around that very neighborhood sleeveless as we speak (and actually, yes, I am speaking this whole rambling thing using the little microphone icon on my phone).

Which leads me to the encounter I just had on the street and want to get your take on:

A guy stopped me mid-block and asked if I was a dancer. Then he complimented my shoulders and asked if he could take my picture sometime. I said no and tried to politely get away from him as he got me to shake his hand goodbye and asked me to check out his Instagram feed, which would prove that he was a "real photographer." So of course I am curious and just searched it to see this.

I sent the link on to Caitlin, and she responded with the headline you see here. While I feel flattered to be in such genre-specific company, I'm also interested to learn about this new-to-me fetish or preference. Were you aware of this one? And are you, like me, ALWAYS getting approached by strangers, like for directions or whatever? How does one make oneself less approachable? And what encounters have you had today? Tell me and each other about any and all of that or about something truly random, just as I have here. Xox

P.S. I had both iced tea and coffee at lunch, which is some kind of excuse for this lengthily hyper entry.