The two most important words

Publish date:
January 19, 2012

I am remembering these this morning. (This is actually on the back of a list of great documentary recommendations a guy at a video store gave me and is one of the many things I leave in the mix of junk in my bag to find every once in a while when I'm looking for something else. I love the words and the typeface and how it is cut off at the top.) I am strict about hand-written thank-you notes for my daughter and myself and am behind in writing them for birthday (November 11 -- yikes) and Xmas presents and that bothers me. Especially remiss about Courteney, who NEVER misses a bday or holiday and who was raised with the same Southern importance-on-thank-you notes that I was.

More important, these two words are really important to me. I am practicing right now saying Thank You for some stuff that could be described as crappy that's going on in my life. Because I know that everything that happens is there to assist us to get to where we are meant to go. The universe isn't mean and doesn't make mistakes. I know this is all obvious and New Agey but anyway, the part my friend (and sometime xoJane contributor) Liz talks to me about is the importance of saying thank you to yourself. I have a harder time doing that.

PS I have been up since four anxious over previously-described stuff.

PPS My daughter had nightmares last night that we were kicked out of our home and then another one that I was going on a long trip away from her. I think they were due to the same stuff going on.

PPPS I am so looking forward to "talking" to you today about your sex and work dilemmas (remember to hashtag #janehelp). These are the times when I most want to help you.

PPPPS My fingernails are always this dirty.