Twitter Advice For The Worst Mom In The World, Please

Publish date:
April 23, 2013

Ok, so Charlotte just started her own Twitter, which I was glad about because it has decreased (though not eliminated) the number of times she hacks into my account and uses it. My dumb question is this: what is this "protected" thing a couple of people have mentioned to me and why would I need to have her do that with her account? Is it enough if she doesn't ever tweet about her location or about certain details of her life? And is it worse that I am putting the name of her account here for all of you to see and follow? And is it WORSE that I want to help her get up her number of followers so she will stop using mine? I know this has very little to do with anything, but I would love your take and, in exchange, I will post something much sexier next.

PS Verrrrrry excited that Lesley Kinzel is in town. She lights things up. What's going on with you?