Title My Speech? Please

Publish date:
December 7, 2012
SXSX, titling

Here is an assignment that I will love you forever (already do) if you take on:

I am giving a presentation at SXSW in March (my first time ever at theinteractive part of that thing). I am going to talk about somethingand show some things and make it very entertaining. (My 8th gradehistory teacher called me out for using the word thing too often, btw.Hello again, sir!) I will likely tell stories from my long work life.

Two questions (I realized while writing this that I have a second,even more basic, question for you also):

What do I title the thing? As stellar intern Rachel just reminded me,it is due today and has to be 50 characters or less. Waaah! I am neverthat brief -- as you can well see.

And, if you can, here is the more basic question: what should I talkabout? Anything you would care to listen to me go on for an hourabout? I can't imagine.

Big thanks and xo. The person who titles this gets a kiss or somethingthey want more.