This Picture Is A Total Lie

Publish date:
February 22, 2013

Olivia just told me I had a panicked look on my face, so this is medoing my best to look casually happy and relaxed. The alternative isshowing you the hives/shingles on my stomach, which I also just took apicture of and am happy to share!

I am so fuckin' stressed about work right now, it's insane. Whichmeans I am certainly a joy to be with for everyone else here at xoJaneHQ. No wonder both Emily and Corynne fled to the west coast this weekand Olivia is abandoning us for a long weekend right now. Do you evernotice that when your adrenaline is racing for extended periods oftime due to stress, your hair and nails grow so much faster andstronger? So I have red bumps all over my torso but my eyelashes havenever looked thicker.

And my heart feels like a hummingbird's.

I would love your ideas for calming myself. I ate a whole tin ofRescue Remedy pastilles last night (blueberry = yum!) and they didn'thelp. And I am not doing the prescription anti-anxiety thing (yay)! Sowhat?? Some tea? What's the best kind? Or what kind of yoga?Breathing? Help! Help!

PS I am not mentioning the particular thing I am particularly stressedabout, because talking about something upcoming that you are nervousabout can just make it worse, in my experience. It isn't that I don'twant to tell you, OF COURSE.