Things I'm Excited About Today

Publish date:
June 25, 2013

Other than ONE OF YOU GIVING BIRTH RIGHT NOW(!!), I'm excited becauseI just received my new supplements in the mail from my doctor sincethe Sassy days who I love and trust.

I'm particularly excited to start taking this Curcumin. Who has takenit and how did you like it? It is supposed to be a goodanti-inflammatory, which just, I find, helps with energy and makes youfeel better all the way around.

I tried taking plain old turmeric that I got from whole foods forthis, but it had (bad bloating and nausea) side effects. I will take abite of turmeric root every once in a while if my muscles are sore andit helps them recover more quickly -- and makes my tongue and teethtemporarily my favorite shade of yellow (no joke).

What are you taking right now that you like? Can be illegal or not.

Also: can I just say that I love that I can be my freaky self with youand know that it is (generally) ok? Makes my days. Thank you.

Also: sorry my nail looks so dirty in this picture.