They don't know I'm "the media"

Publish date:
December 17, 2011

Or I couldn't have gotten these occupy videos and shots of a Bishop and others being arrested. I will show you more shortly. At the end, they were coming after me and Michael, maybe to take our cameras?, so we left. More to come, if you're interested.

Also, for better images than my iPhone ones, go to

It was intense over there. A girl whose boyfriend was getting arrested crying and shouting to him to get out of there. That beautiful Bishop, the first once to scale the fence, handcuffed. Running into old friend Michael Azzerad. Me semi-hoping to get a contact high. What the people here call a "media blockade," meaning a wall of policeman two rows thick between "the media" and the people being sat down in a line and hand-cuffed (inside what is essentially an empty parking lot -- though with some nice art around and in it). A cop calling his captain on us. Lots.