Updated: The Book On Peeing Yourself

How long do you hold it?
Publish date:
October 16, 2012

A book arrived for me at home this morning, so I grabbed it and justunwrapped it on my way to the office and here it is and I'm soconfused. Is there another Jane Pratt out there who is expecting this?Is the word out that I need it after Emily outed me as having peedmyself the other day? Or is it just that I am Problem Girl right now,so why not pile on some other potential issues for me to be as zen aspossible about?

You already know about the bed-bugs (which are leading me to wear evenweirder combinations of clothes than usual, because everything is ingarbage bags or at the cleaners, so these tights are courtesy of thelocal drugstore this morning and I'm going to make them work, dammit).You already helped me with dandruff (it's now gone! thank you!). Andthere is another issue going on that I haven't even shared with you asI so don't want to be a Help Me Again whiner.

PS I just learned that women are supposed to pee every three wakinghours, whether they need to or not. Well, I generally hold it all daylong until I absolutely have to go and I guess I was given exactlywhat I need, as always. How often do you pee? And how's your day?

Update: This was sent to me by accident. The girl in Puerto Rico who wants it (for nursing purposes, I'm sure) got my copy of Autobiography of a Yogi. Sending this to her as we speak!