Thank You, Bed-Bugs

Publish date:
October 10, 2012

For this opportunity to remember what is important, and (per the universe) apparently it isn't this headboard that I had had upholstered in this vintage fabric and really really liked or the other furniture or clothes that now are home to these little creatures.

What's important and what wouldn't have happened if it weren't for these little guys: Charlotte and I laughed a lot this morning as we were eating breakfast in the SCIENTOLOGY sauna, which I have now found another use for: it heats to the degree that it will (apparently) get rid of bedbugs on our clothing. So we changed and did our little morning routine all cramped in there together and said how we will remember this years later and how funny it was. And Balloon (dog) seems to think the whole thing is a blast: how differently the apartment is arranged -- or not arranged, how we all went on a late trek to Target last night to get covers for mattresses, trash bags, duct tape. It is beautiful the way that what is stressful for an adult trying to control the situation is a fun adventure and departure from routine for a kid or a dog. I am learning from them and taking deep breaths and reminding myself that everything goes exactly as it is meant to, which for me has meant mice and moths eating my clothes and, as of yesterday, bed-bugs.

Now I would love to ask any of you who have been through this bed-bug thing and have any idea what works and what doesn't: could you please give me some advice here? I would really really appreciate it. Also, what is stressing you and how are you getting through it? And can I help?