Thank goddess (oh jeez) for this book

Publish date:
January 14, 2012

I am literally (I want to say "very literally" but that would be as obnoxious as when people mis-use literally, right?) the only one left here in the office on a Friday night. My daughter is at her dad's and most of my friends are out of town. Not that I'm asking you to feel sorry for me. Just: How should I use this free evening? Masturbate 11 times, as Madeline suggested earlier? She says I will need lube for that even though I've never needed lube, but ok, TMI threshold approaching. FORTUNATELY, I have this great book by our own (well, her and her parents' own) Lesley Kinzel to read for the third time. PS That's my daughter's gorgeously-decorated laptop in this pic, a hand-me-down that she greatly improved upon and which is just making me miss her now. PPS Again, what should I do tonight? What are you doing? If I don't hear back, I'm watching back-to-back RHWBH, just so you know. Xo and have a great one yourself