Tampon Mystery Solved!

Publish date:
January 12, 2012

I take so many pills every day. Very few prescription ones, but various supplements and things that are supposed to help you absorb the nutrients from food, help your skin and hair (I don't personally care about the nails), all vanity- or feel-good-based, nothing because I actually care about my long-term health or anything like that. Same with my reasons for yoga, Pilates, occasional running, etc. All for superficial or mood-enhancing reasons. Plus I'm not afraid of dying, so don't have much incentive on the longevity front (other than my daughter, who I'd feel guilty being dead about).

Anyway, as I'm typing this on my dang (though much-appreciated) touchscreen, I will keep it short(er):

I take around 5-10 pills per meal. The pills are such a part of my life that I crave them after a meal the way some people might crave chocolate or a cigarette. And such a part of my being that when I asked you whether or not to insert the tampon with green stuff on the top, it didn't even occur to me that the green stuff could be from a pill. In this case, an Aleve liqui-gel (here is the broken sucker pictured) mixed with the coating from, I think, a Kerastase hair-helping pill. NOW should I insert it?? Thanks in advance, team!