Staying home taking care of the little bun in the oven

Publish date:
March 10, 2012

Though unlike Olivia's I showed you on Thursday, this one isn't a prosthetic. I'm just having fun here with a daughter that wants to be somewhere else because by the time I was done working, I was tired and we would have been on some crazy-late train and so I wasn't able to take your good advice. Thank you for it anyway. Everything goes as it is meant to go. Can you make yourself look pregnant and how often have people complimented you on your pregnancy when you weren't? Were two of those people Melody McDaniel and Jennifer Aniston? In my case, yes. I wasn't upset about it at all but they seemed to be (understandably), Jennifer then giving me the first of many cleanse/detox pills, which I never took cause I was scared, even though the thought and guilt were so sweet (I love her). Going back to bed now. Xo

PS This old mirror is like the original Instagram effect, huh?