Which Jellybean Flavor Is Your Favorite?

Publish date:
July 18, 2012

Thank you so much, darlings, for being part of our weird and weekly staff meeting. We were a little starstruck because we had two of you frequent commenters (Mere Darling and maybeIWANTtolooktrashy) on the call and we feel like we know you. I have read, I'm sure, more of your writing than you've read of mine. That was intense. Also, I am not at all bored here, though it may look like it. I am just looking for the Buttered Popcorn flavor jellybean. I will never understand why they discontinued the Peanut Butter flavor, my all-time favorite -- or maybe other people are just getting to them first and picking those out, but I haven't seen one in ages. I also like Licorice and the one that tastes like Red Hots. Cannot stand that one that's pale green with the green dots -- I think it is pear. I spit those out -- as I do the Cherries. (And when spitting them out, I always think of someone with an eating disorder sucking on food and then spitting it out.) And never anything banana flavored, thank you. Thank you! You?