Sorry I didn't listen to you

Publish date:
June 12, 2013

Here I am at NYU wearing none of the outfits you sweetly picked forme. I was so sure you wouldn't pick number 3 that I returned ityesterday. But seeing as it was your clear front-runner, I will borrowit back and wear it the next time I want to look professional.

The outfit I had already brought home expecting to wear was prettyuniversally slammed by you all. So here we are!

I popped the top button on this Alexander McQueen skirt so on the wayto the panel, rejigged the top of the waistband in an attempt to makethe split top "a look". Not sure it worked.

The silk top (now with my sweat stains) is Marc Jacobs and the shoes(that I never want to return) are by Jean Michel Cazabat. I love thewhole thing. You?

The panel was extremely fun, and now I'm tired and passing out over myphone. Big xo and thanks for your help always