Sorry Howard Stern And Tracey Gold

Publish date:
November 28, 2011

This is from me, Bryan. Jane had to take a moment from engaging with her phone [I did not throw it, though I placed it firmly on the floor --Jane] as it has not been playing nice for the past few days and decided to stop properly functioning this morning (the image above is all we have to reference our time this morning-for now).

Jane gave Jane's Phone a "time out" and handed it off to me. We had some awesome footage on it of Howard and Tracey from this morning, which is hiding somewhere within its irritable bowels. As soon as the phone decides to cure itself of its technical constipation we will try to bring those images and videos to you, as well as footage of her following your great advice about what to do for Thanksgiving weekend. Our apologies to Howard and Tracey (although Howard looked H-O-T this morning and Tracey was fully forthcoming).