Someone Left Hair and (Someone Else Left) Nail Clippings On My Office Floor. Whodunnit??

Who do you think left me these items?
Publish date:
August 20, 2013

Thank goodness for, and take a moment to enjoy with me, the beautiful surroundings of the taxi I am currently riding in on my way to a fun meeting. I feel especially deserving of this prettiness right now as I was greeted by some not-so-gorgeous items decorating my office this morning. There were nail clippings on the floor of my office under the chair on which I (and Margaret Cho!) sit.There was also a pile of hair stuck to a pen on the chair on the other side of my desk.Who do you think left me these items?Some clues: I would guess by the size of the many clippings that they were from fingers, not toes -- or from the toes of a seven-year-old child. There was no polish on them.The hair looks brown to me but Lori thinks it is light. There is a lot of it.Guesses as to the people and/or scenario that led to all that? And what would you do if you found them where you work?