Some Things That Have Been Going On

Babies! Birthdays! Interoffice sex! And would you analyze my dream?
Publish date:
September 5, 2013

Corynne and I both had the flu on Monday. We got it from Olivia (not during inter-office sex -- but that's coming right up).

Some other stuff that's happened in the last few days that I haven't had a chance to tell you about:

So many people from here are getting recognized on the street lately -- including Annie, Marci, Olivia and, of course, Emily and Mandy. (Mandy was in a waiting area this week and someone walked right past Ben Stiller to approach Mandy and tell her how much her writing meant to her.)

A 3-week-old baby shat on Corynne's skirt in a bar.

Emily's son turned TWO!!! She took a much-deserved couple of days off to celebrate and Lesley did a lot of what Emily usually does around here. Somewhat related: Emily wants to know how to stop eating all the remnants of her son's food. I can't help her with this as my daughter is 10 and I'm still eating every crust I cut off her sandwich -- I grew up not wasting any food and can't/don't want to start now.

Madeline went to her first Rosh Hashanah dinner last night and tried gelfilte fish and really liked it. L'Shana Tova!

We have a new intern named Blair!

I just found out about an inter-office hook-up and was so excited that I ran in and pulled up a chair to tell Emily but she knew already. Damn.

I had a nightmare last night that I had a whole wedding planned and was in my dressing room/backstage area/whatever you call it beforehand not wanting to go through with it and feeling I hadn't thought this all through completely. I didn't know the person I was marrying all that well. I had a realization that they might sue me if I divorced them and that I hadn't asked a friend who was a lawyer to look into that for me beforehand. So after keeping all of my friends and family waiting for way too long for me to emerge and walk down the aisle, I canceled the whole thing. And everyone who had come was mad at me. A guest named Britt (who I don't know in real life), who worked in PR, told people she would never trust me again after this attention-getting stunt that was a big inconvenience for everyone. I felt terribly guilty and ridiculous.

I'm only smiling here this morning from relief that the dream wasn't real and because who can not smile when a little white puppy becomes your scarf? Any thoughts about what the dream means are welcome. And hello again, everyone.