So now it's all about the Chia

Publish date:
September 22, 2011

Yes, as Cat let you know this week, I am big into the Kombucha. And yes, as some of you guessed correctly, I was introduced to eating these seeds by my lovely friend Mr. Stipe last week. So it wasn't that surprising to see them in this combo in my deli this morning. I am going to drink one now and let's see if I am miraculously peppier (or I forget what the goal is with all of my potions -- oh yeah, feeling healthier overall). Drink up with me if it is avail in your area (and if you feel like paying between 3.99 and 12 dollars a bottle, depending on the rip-off-ness of your vendor), and let's compare notes about how great we feel or not. Here goes....