So It's Not Really Undercover Then?

What's your favorite reality show?
Publish date:
September 30, 2013

That's me on the left looking dumbfounded at the synchronicity of seeing this notice on the door of a restaurant near the office right after we ran this post by a "reality" show contestant talking about all the unreal stuff that went on.Regarding the show they are filming inside, "Undercover Boss," I always wondered how they got consent from all those people being filmed, but figured they went around to everyone after the big reveal and got their permission. Apparently not, as there's a big-ass sign on every entry to the restaurant, as you can see, alerting all who enter that they are being filmed for the show. There are also a bunch of big equipment trucks right outside and a massive crew milling around and blackout curtains over the windows (for better lighting inside maybe?).Either way, I'm such a sucker and enjoy my reality TV so much. You'd think I would have learned when that producer for that old show Temptation Island met with me years ago at Jane magazine and told me how they took footage of a girl touching a guy's leg to get his attention and then slowed it down and ran it backwards and forwards four or five times to make it look to viewers like she was giving him a little massage so viewers would get all enraged.So now I wonder about the folks on this show who trash the bosses and the customers, knowing that they know they are being filmed for this show. Interesting. Anyway, what's your favorite reality show, past or present? Though I've been watching this stuff since I got a complete set of the "American Family" series when I was in college and binge-watched it through a weekend, Dance Moms is my current favorite. I love listening for the parts where they clearly spliced together words to make it seem like one of the moms is trashing another mom's kid's hair or whatever. It's great. What reality stuff do you like? Hate? Hate-watch? Hello and happy unrealistic Monday!PS I have a pimple on my face and, thanks to xoVain, have three different types of creams in front of me -- one with sulfur, one with salicylic acid and one with "Oxo-chloro complex." Any thoughts about which will be the most quickly effective? Or apply all three?