Slunts Unite! Plus: Do You Save Ugly Selfies?

Publish date:
March 19, 2013

When Emily is out of the office (working from home on Tuesdays), Itake the opportunity to Dress Down. Today it is my trusty bluecorduroys (a pair I ordered from Delia's years ago that never fit wellbut are comfortable and I love corduroys and so they keep floating tothe top of my pile) striped shirt and cardigan with (Emily's leastfave look) sneakers and (her other least fave thing) no makeup.

Olivia, on the other hand, dressed nicely today regardless of whetherEmily is here to comment on her effort or lack thereof. See her sweetnew "Slunt" necklace and pretty pretty lipstick color!

I know some of you are against the Slunt label and I'm open to that. Ialso have a question that in my mind is related because EVERYTHING ISRELATED and also because I was in face-time mode when I went to takethis picture just now so accidentally took my own unflatteringpicture: do you feel compelled to keep pictures of yourself that youdon't like rather than deleting them? I feel like deleting them wouldbe deluding yourself in the same way that I don't like those dressingroom mirrors that elongate you.

Okay then, that's a lot of superficiality. And if you want moresuperficiality, go over to xoVain!