Just Call Me Slimer

Publish date:
April 18, 2012

I realize many of you won't get that reference, but that's what I think of now when I call anybody "honey." Especially inappropriately at work. So I aim to do it even more! And in ALL CAPS at that!

Windows Phone realizations day two:

1) Much much easier to take a picture or video instantly no matter what you were in the middle of doing on your phone beforehand, because one button on the side just takes you right to camera mode. I already see that that will equal fewer people bumping into me from behind on the street and grocery aisle as I pause to capture some piece of found art (or just piece of grossness) that I of course must document and keep forever (25,000 or so photos and videos I have deemed worth saving within the last year, I am the image hoarder). And less annoyance from my daughter as I make her wait while I get into camera mode, by which time her smile is understandably as genuine as toddlers and tiaras.

2) A little more cumbersome to capture screengrabs of texts, phonecalls and emails (as you see here), but really, who does that besides me? (I do it enough for all of us.)

How are you and your technology today? I'm calmish, happy at work (especially happy to have Lesley here -- cried a little over her post earlier), fought with daughter this morning because I made her eat eggs before testing she has today (and I understand that when the mom that usually lets you eat raw cookie dough for breakfast because it has eggs in it breaks out the actual eggs, that can be disconcerting). Overall very good in all my newly-blue-surrounded casing.

Which reminds me, if you could have one color surrounding you for your entire life, what would it be? Mine would be yellow. Apparently, the color you choose equates to your aura. Oh boy, this phone is entirely too easy to type on... too bad for you, hee hee.