Another Carefully Considered Editorial Decision, By Me

Why were we the last to know?
Publish date:
December 6, 2012

This is me and Emily a minute ago upon realizing that the second installment of our Unpopular Opinion series was written by the exact same author as the first (Hi Lauren Passell!). I had okayed this one a while ago and then decided to run the Meat-Eaters one first and then I said to Emily this morning, "Yeah, let's go ahead and run that one about Parenting we have" and only now did we notice that the same author wrote both posts. Yep, that's our finely honed editorial machine in action. Duh.

Look for the third installment soon. And if you want to write about an Unpopular Opinion you have, send it to us at Even if you are not Lauren, we may consider running it. Thank you.