Behold, the Sia Sweater

Publish date:
November 2, 2016
Christmas, sweaters, holiday sweaters, Ugly Holiday Sweaters, Sia

As promised, and as modeled here by my daughter Charlotte's friend who does not want said sweater, no matter that it was gifted (hate that verb) by Sia. Who out there wants to be the (somewhat? maybe slightly?) proud owner of it now?

To recap: I am moving and while packing and unpacking am coming across plenty of name-droppy items of clothing, such as one Lanvin black wool dress from Courtney Love that I am keeping and, yes, this X-masy item.

One of you suggested I give it to one of you. Excellent idea! So prove in the comments that you or someone you know is most deserving to become the new owner of this uglyass Sia hand-me-down and it will be all yours!! We will gladly even pay shipping and handling for it. Can't beat that deal!