To shower or not to shower?

Publish date:
October 27, 2011

Can you believe I'm asking you this question?

As you can see here, and as anyone who has worked with me knows, I am often sending work emails at 3 am (dating back to before the advent of emails, when I would leave I'm-sure-annoying-to-be-greeted-by taped messages at that hour). In the old days, it meant I was awake until that hour. Now in my mom days, it goes like this: pass out while getting my daughter to go to bed, wake up a few hours later, reply to emails from the West Coast that came in after I fell asleep or while I was making dinner (usually the making would have quotes around it because it would be take-out, but last night, I actually made hamburgers, French fries and broccoli that went uneaten). Aaaaanyway, for those of you still tuned in, then work on writing and editing and mostly general managerial stuff via email until it is time to "make" breakfast, MAKE lunch, walk the kid to school and return to work. Sounds like such drudgery as I type it out here, but I enjoy it all (except the making lunch part, which you've already counseled me on -- thank you).

Today, due to wet dog and no morning meetings, I returned home instead of going straight to the office. So here I am with three options before rushing to my 11 am meeting:

A) shower (note: hair doesn't look dirty at all, even though it is day three)

B) Play the violin (I would feel too guilty, even though it would be fun and even though I know guilt is a base emotion and I am working on that)

C) work

D) something else of your suggesting

Thanks for your advice!

PS I know for many people not-showering every morning is not an option, but for me, everything is an option.

PPS I usually shower every day or every other day or every third day if I am preserving my hair and make-up. Is that gross? I love you guys.