Should We Take These Anti-Depressants Or Not?

Olivia and I are both having pill dilemmas this morning.
Publish date:
May 30, 2013

What do you do when you can't remember if you took your meds or not? Olivia and I are both having pill dilemmas this morning -- hers with Lexapro, mine with Prozac (which Emily has confirmed to me is such an old-fashioned drug to be still taking-- I also still live in Manhattan, am like the only xoJane staffer who does, and recognize that it is so embarrassingly uncool). Olivia left hers at home. At least she remembers that. I am having a problem I've had before, where I can't remember if I took mine this morning or not and not sure whether it is better to double up or miss a dose? Hmmm. I will do what you say. What do you say? Take the pill or not? Has this ever happened to you and what were the effects of doubling or missing your meds?

Also, I may be crazy, but no, I am not wearing one black leg and one striped leg today, even though it looks like it in this picture. I am just wearing a split skirt with leggings underneath. I do like the look of two different colored shoes sometimes, but this two-toned-legging thing would be really court jesterish and Cirque Du Soleil and I HAVE STANDARDS.

Okay, should I take one of these guys or not, guys? Chant it like you are in a frat if you like.