Should I Do It??

Publish date:
November 17, 2011
fun, tampons, vodka, jane's stuff

My pal and co-worker Shanna and I want to put vodka-soaked tampons up our orifices, but some killjoy in the development department is talking about our kidneys and livers and junk. What do you think? We are considering doing it for our company-wide All Hands meeting coming up.

Things to consider when advising me/us:

I love to take a risk.

I love for life to be filled with a wide variety of experiences (I've sky-dived, run a marathon, slept with certain people, taken LSD, etc., for the experiences).

I do realize that one would need to use a plastic applicator tampon in order for this experiment to work.

Also, truth in packaging, this tampon is like one of those lite(yucky sp)-day things and would never absorb enough to make it really worthwhile. Plus, I use Super-Plus.

All the kids are doing it (just kidding).

I do also realize that this may not be the best day to call into question my own potentially-substance-impaired judgment.

I love you guys.

And, if you are weighing in, which do you think is the healthier and more fun option: the front- or back-door (okay, I can't stand euphemisms -- the anal or the vaginal) routes?

Judge/advise away!