Should I Get This Skirt?

Publish date:
March 29, 2013

Let me include you in this extremely first-world problem and ask ifyou think this skirt here, which I have on in this picturesquedressing room, is something I just like right now because I'm onvacation and out of my element or whether it's something I will everwear again out of here. What do you think?

I have made the mistake before of buying things in context that Idon't want to wear out of context. This happens partly because I donot enjoy shopping (other than online and only then for stuff I"need"), so hardly ever do it at home -- maybe once a year, if that.But when I am away and have more time on my hands, I sometimes end uplooking in stores and don't mind nearly as much spending some of mytime on shopping.

So which do you think this skirt is -- a good local bargain or a sillyitem I will never wear outside of here? Also, do you enjoy shopping?

Critical PS: There are little Pom Poms around the hem. Thanks inadvance for your help!