Should I drink this?

Publish date:
July 6, 2011
parenting, crying, PMS, hormones, jane's stuff

Mitigating factors:

I have my period (I know, I know, enough about this lady and her periods).

It has black cohosh in it, which scares me for some reason I can't remember.

Last night, I had a breakdown at the train station of epic proportions, along these shaking-hands-and-crying lines, dropping to the floor and screaming "Please! Please!!" to the Amtrak woman who wouldn't let me and my 8-year-old on, even though we were a minute early and had run through streets and stations to make it there. Charlotte (the 8-year-old in question) says I hit my head with the tickets while I wailed. Great mothering, Jane!

So should I drink this tea? What do you know about black cohosh? Have you also been out of control or a bad mom lately? It helps me to hear about it. Goooooood morning!