Send Emily's Head All Of Your Love!

Publish date:
June 4, 2013

She fell last week and found out today that she has a concussion. Weall love her so much and are so happy she is complying with doctor'sorders not to look at screens until Thursday. So send her all yourlove and help here and she will see it when she's back.

Also, I love this crew so much in how they come together in a crisis(the crisis being: how do we get stories up on the site without theindispensable one-of-an-amazing kind Ms. Emily McCombs?!??). Just lookat how wonderful they are here.

PS My first reaction was to not publish anything until Emily wasbetter and back, but then I tried to think of it like a baseball movieand do what she would want us to do instead. I also thought you'dprefer content to no content -- Emily will kill me for calling itcontent, by the way, whenever she sees this. She hates that word forwhat we do and I do too. Last thought: was the gipper someone in abaseball movie? I have no idea. Love you.

LOVE YOU, EMILY!!!!!!!!!!