Second-Generation Name-Drops!

Publish date:
October 16, 2011

Would we call them droplets? In any case, I would never show you the texts that smart lovely Charlotte and sweet smart Coco send back and forth to each other CONSTANTLY. At least not without their consent. They are so tech-savvy, they could figure out how to allow you to see them here if they wanted, I'm sure. They text more frequently than Courteney and I do. Keeping up a mostly-long-distance friendship is challenging and they are doing a great job, in my view. Now if you want to rail on me for allowing my 8-year-old so much access to electronics, I'd love to hear the arguments. I could use it. Xo and hope your kids (if you have them) already made you laugh or smile today. (I know it's early, so no pressure.)