The Schizophrenia Of My Days/Please Analyze My Dream, Part 2!

Publish date:
September 9, 2011
parenting, dreams, Pubic Hair, jane's stuff, NYFW 2011

Making breakfasts and lunches, dropping off at school on the way to fancy fashion shows. It's fun. Btw, peanut butter is turned upside down, not because I quickly faked a photo to make it look like I make lunches every morning if you are the type to think that way -- wow, I'm paranoid -- but because it is easier to stir up if the oil is on the bottom, I have found, in all my mothering-of-a-picky-eating-kid days. ANYWAY, you were so helpful in analyzing my last odd dream (Alyssa Max and oceanchild716 were particularly enlightening) that I am turning last night's over to you for your help as well, if you are so inclined:

I dreamt that my pubic hair was so long that it wrapped around my leg (sorry, fashionistas who are so turned off by this that they are throwing up a little in their mouths and vowing never to return to this site again and sorry to my own in-house fashionista, Eric, for writing it, but it is the truth) and I was embarrassed and looking for scissors to cut it off. Then I went into my clothes closet and saw that the recent hurricane and rains had caused water to leak down through the walls (somewhat based on reality -- we did have a leak through our roof after Irene -- but this was much more extreme). When I would touch the walls, the plaster would disintegrate and fall to the floor. Also, the door then fell apart and came off its hinges -- all due to how wet everything was. Now as I am writing this, along with the pubic hair thing earlier in the dream, it is sounding very sexual. Or maybe that's just me thinking that way. Please interpret or just tell me your weird recent dreams and I will try to interpret them for you. xox