Say Good-bye!

Publish date:
February 14, 2013

Yep, this is what Tyler and I look like on the way to xoJane HQ eachand every morning.

Nah, it's an old picture but I wanted to give you one perhaps-finallook at Mr. Dorholt, seeing as he is moving on to a great, excitingnew job in just a couple of short weeks.

I will miss him like crazy (and I know some of you will too, ahem).What is that thing they say about being a parent? That it's the onlyjob where you train and work with someone and hope they will then notstick around? That's not it, but it's something like that. Same here.I am super happy for and proud of people who work with me and thenadvance, even when I miss them. (This does not apply to the parentinganalogy, however, as I plan to cut Charlotte's legs off AND make heran emotional cripple so that she never leaves my side.)

Please wish lively(auto-corrected) Tyler all great things and ask himto donate a bunch of pictures of himself so we can keep running themfor your viewing pleasure here on a regular basis. And maybe he canexplain what his new job is, because I don't really understand it.