Save Emily! Click Here!

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January 31, 2013
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These guys are in danger of not getting their bonuses this month because we haven't hit our page-view goals. So if you love Emily (see how hard she is working right now to get you great stuff to read today!), Lesley,Mandy, Julieanne, s.e., Alison, Somer, Helena and anyone else here at xoJane, will you please take a moment out of your busy day to click on these links below. Or just click like 500 times on various things on the site and we should be good. Pllllleeeeeeaaase-o! We will love you even more than we already do!

I,WMITW, kept Charlotte out of school today and she is part of the effort too. I have agreed to feed her when we reach our goals.

Click here.

Click this.

Click this too.

Or try this.

This is amazing.

This needs a click.

I love you all.