The Most Calculated Pick-Up Tactic Ever

Publish date:
September 29, 2011
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Not long ago, I heard about these guys going through trash cans next to ATMs, digging for receipts with the highest bank balances on them, and then looking to pick up girls using these receipts that they wrote their numbers on the back of (run-on sentence and ended with a preposition -- I KNOW). Super yuck. Oh well, I guess the girl who responds to that deserves the jerk she gets. Anyway, I went down to the ATM just now to get my 80 bucks and this receipt was still stuck in the machine. Who has $808,000 plus in checking?? Guesses?

While I'm on this negative bent, what are other cases of false advertising in the hopes of getting ass you have succumbed to, perpetrated or heard about? Some examples: Faking a bank balance, stuffing pants with a sock, wearing a padded/stuffed bra (as I did for a few years utilizing the Kleenex), carrying around a Foucault book? I'd LOVE to hear. xo