Read This Somewhere Else

Publish date:
February 21, 2013

So the lovely and talented Lesley and I were going back and forth last night about this post that I love so much and then something went weird communicationally and it didn't run here this morning but ran here on this site instead. This reminds me of when people would say that stuff we were doing in Sassy magazine (am I like an old lady who constantly talks about her glory days? woohoo, if so!), like giving information on birth control and stuff to teenagers, was getting ripped off by other publications and I was just psyched that the information was getting out there even further and didn't care where they got it. I am happy this is out there and I love it and would love for you to read it and tell me what you think.

Update: We actually got to run the one I wanted to after all, but read them both!