Look at my "lunch!" And interpret my dream!
Publish date:
January 10, 2013
raw food, dream interpretation

I am on day four of this raw food cleanse. I started it because I got shingles over the holidays (didn't tell you about that because I didn't want you to worry and because I am sick of being sick girl, but keeping anything from you just doesn't work out well, because then there are other related things I want to tell you about that I also can't and so on and so forth, and the doctor said to decrease stress and that's not gonna happen so here I am trying other methods and therefore this is my "lunch"). Also (and because everything is related, I will take advantage and not even craft a segue), I had a flying dream last night -- my favorite! And one the night before where I was also flying above the sea and obsessed with the fact that I could tell fishermen where to cast their lines because I could see the fish from above. But then I got one fisherman to catch a fish and I held another one for him to get afterward but he took a while to get that first fish off the hook and in the meantime the fish I was holding died and then I desperately tried to get it back to life by putting it under the water and felt so guilty. The end. Interpretations?

So much love