Tell Me How To Do My Job

Publish date:
March 29, 2012

I have been anti-pun my whole life. I allowed exactly one to be used in Sassy magazine exactly one time (right, Christina?). I always felt like puns -- as headlines, for example -- were either lazy (I believe I have two different pieces published in two different publications with my byline and the headlines: The Three Faces Of Steve, for ugh example) or more about showing how clever the writer was than about what would inform and attract the reader.

Julie wrote a piece here yesterday that made me rethink this stance. (I was anti-exclamation point all through Sassy and Jane and just embraced them within the last 5 years. Just when you think you know how life is going to go, WOW, you can change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was not my best use of exclamation points, by the way.)

It's going to be an especially fun staff meeting today at xoJane HQ for a variety of fun exciting new reasons. And, as always, I would love for you to join us! So tell me what you think of puns -- and portmanteaus for extra credit, if you are that type -- and we will give you the call-in number. Or tell me a good or bad pun. I don't know.

We are starting the meeting at 3 pm (ET) today, because we are currently in a company-wide All Hands meeting, during which I am disrespectfully typing this. So you have a whole 45 minutes to weigh in below.

Talk to you soon, lovelies!