Puffy Vagina Shaming!

Publish date:
June 1, 2012

I still have Olivia and Julie programmed into my phone as one person from some day many months ago when, I can't exactly remember, but they were together and one's phone wasn't working or something.

It seems fitting now because those two are such a sisterly pair. They sit practically on top of each other day in and day out, at the desk they share with Madeline. And when they fight, I am always surprised at how seriously they want to win these tiny little arguments -- like whether or not Julie screamed when she got her tattoo (matching with Olivia, oc).

ANYWAYS (why does this phone suggest auto-correcting anyway to anyways -- what kind of word is anyways anyways?), on to puffy vaginas. I remember being about 8 and using the bathroom with my cross-the-street neighbor (Fern? I feel like her name was Fern) and recognizing that her vagina wasn't puffy like mine and realizing that hers was the "normal" and more desirable variety. Hers was the type belonging to a girl who would go on to read Seventeen magazine. From my puffy-vaginaed pre-teen vantage point.

Good morning, one and all! How's your vagina doing today?