Pooooor Bryan, Part 1 Million and 3

Publish date:
February 6, 2012

I left this Wisp toothbrush on my desk, planning to use it again (who wouldn't? I also keep tampons in my bag that have come unwrapped and sometimes out of the dispenser-thing because I still plan to use them, OF COURSE). Julie gave it to me and, you know what they say in sales, if someone offers you a mint or gum, take it. Similarly, I think if someone keeps rubbing their nostril and they are not doing cocaine, check your nose for snot. Or ask them if you have visible snot, which is what I do. I did it at a party this weekend and everyone said no, but I wondered if they would really say yes if I did. I would tell them (and you), for sure. All of that is to say that Bryan went to pick something up from my desk just now and this got stuck to old rubber-face's hand. Oops. I'm a recycler from way back is the bottom line. I can't stand throwing away food. Or unwrapped tampons. Or change with gum stuck to it. Do you also re-use one-time-use products? PLEASE confess. Bryan is shaming me as we speak.