Please join us, would you?

Call in to our irregular meeting!
Publish date:
December 12, 2012

I just wrote you this invitation and my phone died and it was gone. That will teach me not to be so dare-devilish with that red-zone battery territory. Nothing sadder (of course there is) than that little twirly whirlpool overtaking your nice little composition and then BLACKNESS.

Okay, enough excuses. I am now plugged in and can tell you that we are having our regular weekly xoJane Staff Meeting today at our regular time of 2 pm. There is generally nothing else very regular about these meetings (much as hyper-organized Corynne tries). So if you too are irregular, please join us today! It will be fun!! And if you are at work or playing with your kid or making love to your girlfriend or shy, you don't even have to talk -- you can just listen in.

Start by telling me whether you think it is obnoxious that I sometimes invasively text work requests to staffers here. Then I will text Tyler and tell him to give you the call-in number! SImple as that!