Pill-Popping In The Office

Publish date:
April 20, 2012
office, pill popping

Bryan and I are just here briefly today and then I will be at home doing a conference-call presentation to a bunch of people at the company while my dog runs around and I give him treat after treat to shut him up and try to find all the files that I want to address on my little laptop. Oh, I just remembered that before that call, I am doing a little interview with the NY Times, so Balloon is going to be stuffed full by EOD (heehee, business jargon).

ANYWAY, looky here at how I have influenced Bryan on the vitamin front. (I got him into the folic acid by telling him it helped keep my hair from falling out, for example.) Is he now taking more than I am? Wait, I have to count. What do you take? I want to take Vitamin D because of all the wonderful things I hear about it and I did take Vitamin D drops for a while, but then had a friend (a VERY FAMOUS friend and not one of the ones I usually name-drop — I have been so remiss in my name-dropping lately and was just reminded of that today by a sweet commenter who hates them) who went into an out-of-body-type experience from too much of it and I became convinced this was happening to me too — and that the Vitamin D was the cause of my mental problems. I've also, in the past, developed hypoglycemia from taking some amino acid I'm forgetting the name of right now. I'm probably forgetting because I didn't take my Neurozyme OR my Memoractiv today. And this is all probably why my therapist, Laurence, tells me it's important not to keep reinforcing the idea that we need something outside of ourselves to be okay. He says it better. Ah well. Back to you: what are you taking? Hello and good day!