Our Backend Was Unhealthy?

What have you been doing with all that free time you weren't spending with us?
Publish date:
March 6, 2014

Can you see this? I hope you can see this! For exhibitionists like us xoJaners, this past 24 hours has certainly been a challenge. (And thanks a lot for the comment on our backend.)

If you tried to come to the site starting yesterday afternoon, you probably noticed that you couldn't see us. Our crack team in San Francisco, who so impressed me with how they jumped on and fixed this issue, told us it was an intentional attack (hmmmm), but we're almost over it now. Some of you may have lingering problems loading the site today as things get back to normal (which means some of you may not be able to read this, in which case I expect all of you xoJaners with access to sweetly call your fellow community members and read today's posts aloud to them, as Emily has been offering to do to her Twitter followers).

We all panic in our own ways when the site goes down:

Lesley spent the time stress-shopping for shoes and juicing everything in the house.

Emily fielded text messages from at least 3 panicked staff members who shall remain nameless.

Olivia slept because she felt too weird.

Marci was explaining the situation to our xoVain writers, one of which had an elaborate conspiracy theory that included the words "citadel of the patriarchy".

Tiffany (amazing new girl I can't wait for you to meet -- you will die) couldn't sleep, so she spent hours reading about DDoS and snacked on junk food from 12 am until early morning.

Mandy dealt with press and TV and lit agent requests about Belle Knox. She also considered getting an engineering degree so she can take down hackers a la Chloe O'Brian.

Rebecca talked a lot of smack about it on Facebook and shopped for refrigerator magnets.

Baze went out to dinner then stupidly watched an episode of Person of Interest that was about hackers who were terrorizing a 911 operator. No joke.

Daisy sent me a note saying that if someone hates you enough to do that, then you are totally doing it right. And I kind of agree with that. In a funny way, I get calm and emboldened when something like this happens and spent last night, when not talking to other staffers, remembering all the other times it has (starting with that tangentially-related Moral Majority boycott of Sassy I was coincidentally JUST talking about yesterday).

So, did you even notice that the site was down? And, if you did, how long was it down on your end and what did you all do with all that free time?? I can't imagine. So tell me! Love you all and happy to see you again. Your backends are ultra healthy.